The Gods of Light have dominated the ancient world for centuries, interfering with human civilization. Now, someone is killing
them, That frightens the Gods enough to send for the trickster, Odyl, the hero of the Minoan war, to discover the murderer.

The Bull God, Torodous, among others is opposed to human interference, and maroons Odyl and his war companions: Pellian,
Eugonis, Larpos, and Ajax on the island of the one-eyed God Appolian, who slays any invaders. To insure Odyl cannot complete
his mission Torodous attacks Odyl's homeland of Naxos and kidnaps Odyl's wife Penelope and his young son Anticius.

With only his wits and his ability to throw fire to aid him, Odyl must somehow vanquish Appolian, make his way to Minos and to
cross the huge island to rescue his wife.
Not long ago, Harry had moved back to the town where his ex-wife and kids reside and was trying to rebuild his life. The "work
hard and play hard" attitude that carries Harry through life is balanced by the softness evidenced in his dealings with his children.
Once again, he was going to have to be away from them and the new life he had been trying so hard to establish.

Going undercover at MechInsCo, Harry gets exposure to executives within the company including his lifer accounting boss, the
psycho senior finance executive and a frantic company president. They all paint the same picture-a company losing money with no
idea how, or why. His stint at MechInsCo supplies Harry with some raucous times: large amounts of information, booze and ladies
provide him with much more than he signed on for.
Harry Mickey Shorts gets a call from M. Randle Trundle, a New York business tycoon, who is in need of Harry's help. Without a
thought, Harry drops what he is doing and races off to help his benefactor, and friend.

Trundle is a part owner in Board Room Farms, a horse racing stable, run by his brother, Danny Trundle. He informs Harry the
stable's prize breeding stallion was found dead in his stall and Trundle feels something is wrong. Harry agrees to help Trundle with
the case and does what he does best by going undercover and digging into the world of thoroughbred horse racing. Having bet on
more than a few nags in his lifetime, Harry is comfortable around the track and blends in very smoothly.

During his investigation, Harry forms an alliance with the ranch's female vet - in more ways than one. She agrees to provide needed
intelligence on the current and prior goings-on at Board Room Farms. Along the way, she becomes a serious love interest in Harry's
life. Unfortunately, that conflicts with Harry's renewed part-time interest in his ex-wife that may prove to be a "pick one" dilemma,
sooner, rather than later. His love for, and continued attempt to become part of his two children's lives, remains paramount in
Harry's thinking.
A Shapeshifter from a planet known as Paradise, comes to Earth on a mission to rescue other Shapeshifters who may have become
trapped in Earth shapes and are unable to return to their home planet.

During his time on Earth the Shapeshifter becomes a dog, a duck, a pigeon, a human male, and a human female. It is as a human
female that the Shapeshifter begins to forget his true identity.

Although her dreams terrify her (she can't understand why she dreams of flying and of making love to women), she keeps working
to put the pieces of the puzzle together and recover her memory, although with each passing day she becomes more identified with
her current shape and less likely to believe the truth of who she really is.
Chordelia, straddling two of the realities proposed in Everett's Many Worlds Theory of Quantum Physics, has no idea how
distorted the line is between choice and fate.

In one of her worlds, Chorie's young daughter is dying-a drama that quickly contaminates her other, much rosier, reality. Before
long, the emotional burden of dealing with two separate lives spawns heated legal battles, endangers her role as mother and wife,
and causes people in both universes to judge her insane. As her lives begin to crumble, so does Chorie's heart and mind.

When Dr. Penny, a man with disturbing, murky, hypnotic eyes offers to rid her of the life that's causing so much pain, she must
decide if she is willing to sacrifice the chance to be with her dying child for the chance to save her marriage and experience

She thinks she's planned it well-she's researched her choices, prepared herself for the consequences, put everything in place. She
makes her decision. However....

Life, as it has the propensity to do, strikes back with the dark and unexpected.
When Anwyn Baldomyre stumbled upon Stonegorge, he was fascinated to find an entire city built under a bridge. But the moment
he stepped under its tall arches seeking shelter for the night, he knew something was amiss. Stonegorge was being ravaged by the
rising river threatening to wash its foundations away, as well as a frightening creature locals call The Water Lady. A creature who
drowns men on dry land.

Soon, the river will tear out the foundations of the bridge. So Anwyn embarks on solving the mystery of the Water Lady and
helping the folk who live at the base of the bridge known as The Depths.

But there are those who would just as soon the Harper Mage not learn the truth, for that would spoil their plans to run those who
dwell in The Depths from their homes and put the wealth of Stonegorge into their own pockets.

But his magic may not be enough to save The City Under the Bridge unless Anwyn can solve the riddles buried in Stonegorge itself.
For over fifty years, fireworms have ravaged the city of Citadel Heights. Warriors and wizards have sought to find the answer to
the attacks, but to little avail. Each raid has decimated the Chilan warriors, the elite guard of King Romarin, the son of Rhynathel,
the warrior god.

Kalena, a young squire to Cahal, the Kings Champion, knows all too well the peril that the fireworms bring. As she watches her
friends and fellow warriors die in the attacks, she knows something must be done. A tragic loss sends her on a quest with
Romarin, himself, to find the source of the attacks and to perform daring rescue. But an ancient evil lurks in the fireworms lair that
even the magic of Romarin may not be able to fight, and forces Kalena to face an enemy even more dangerous than the fireworms.
Valtierra, a city-state, is governed by archetypes. Every two years they choose twelve men and women to wear the masks and to
become the Wise Old Man, the Fool, the Mother, the Harlot, the Warrior, and the rest of the council. But now Valtierra faces
hunger, decay, and an enemy on their border and, when the need for leadership is greatest, one mask is worn by a foreigner and
one mask hides a traitor.
Terrified shrieks reached Word Warrior's ears as he floundered up the embankment. In the gully below he saw the blood stained
snow and the dead corpse of the screaming kitten's mother. A stinky shaggy two-leg was trying to capture the youngster and he
knew it couldn't be allowed to. With a battle cry born of his ancestors he charged down the hill - unaware of the high hunter
lurking in the pines.

In the storm filled mountains, Anumati heard scratching at the entrance of her den. Her every instinct was to protect the three
young who lay at her side. Her body tensed for battle as two howlers padded in.

World Warrior and Anumati are unaware kittens, pups and rightful prey are being stolen by strange metal monster. All that is left
behind are odd jagged paw prints of an animal they do not know.

In their world of snow and biting wind they must decide if they trust each other enough to find out the truth or if old predator-prey
rules remain with no hope for change.
Jenes Inarya wants to experience everything. And quite frankly, she doesn't think she can live life to the fullest in the time she's
been allotted. A search through lore and legend from the Eight Immortals of Chinese myth to the Garden of Eden finally leads her to
what she seeks--across the galaxy, to the planet of Arak, which possesses an immortal ecosystem. By eating food prepared from
the immortal plants of Arak, Jenes can alter her metabolism and gain eternal life. In her case,
it’s a cup of palm wine. A real aqua vitae.

But the prospect of eternal life quickly causes more problems than it solves. Jenes Inarya meets fellow passenger and "perfect
Yesghian gentleman" Aljander Courtrym, and falls in love with him over their first date--until thoughts of his mortality cause her to
drive him away. Similar rifts form between Jenes and her friends and traveling companions. Forsaken by them, haunted by the
prospect of death for everyone she knows, lacking direction, and apparently pursued by the Arakians who made her immortal,
Jenes must come to terms with her choice and learn how to live when she will live forever.
Bathmal, now a knight of a defunct Order, returns home to revel in his accomplishment, and to rescue his mother from the
backbreaking misery offered by Millstand's fullbloods.

But upon returning, Bathmal and Nojo find Millstand deserted  and ransacked, his mother and everyone else gone. There is little
evidence as to what had happened to the townfolk, but of what evidence there is, it all pointed north. Together, Bathmal and his
con-squire charge north through Anfaria's badlands in a desperate attempt to find answers. Along the way they unravel a hideous
plot that must be stopped before it can go any further. They also find an old friend of Sir Odon's, whose loyalty is suspect; and a
demon far worse than anything Bathmal has ever faced before.

Bathmal needs to find his mother if at all possible, but his duty as a knight may suck him too deeply into the cosmic battles being
waged by Deus and Malus. And to compound all else, betrayal and a new war awaits him across the sea in Twilight--but a another
danger, one which lies much closer, threatens to destroy him and all that he hopes to achieve...

Another detour along a Road where nothing is guaranteed.
The Golden Griffin will wait...Bathmal needs only to survive.
Everyone loves strange and unusual objects.

Yep. That’s right. Objects.

Objects one would never guess has the ability to send the traveler on an adventure in time.

What? No clunky machines?

Not in this collection.

Instead, sit back and be intrigued by stories about a sleigh driven by Santa, a pocket watch given to a friend, an Egyptian box found
on another planet, an eternal ring, a supercollider and many other everyday objects. Each of them result in an unexpected journey in
time and space.

Was that a shimmer around one’s favorite object? Better watch out!
Old New England towns are infamous for their odd murder stories, but that had never happened before in Halton, Massachusetts.  

When history teacher Nikki Sheridan trips over the dead body of a young Muslim girl in her backyard she finds herself at the center
of a murder mystery. A mystery that will take her on a perilous journey with the police, the FBI, a nervous town ready to point
fingers at neighbors who seem different, and a man calling himself ‘the Patriot’: a dangerous zealot whose hateful agenda could
destroy the small town or bring them even closer together as they face a homegrown terrorist in their midst.
Dragons trapped on a spaceship, awaiting rescue from a human they raised as their own.
Ancient reptiles escaped the great flood via a portal and now wish to return.
In the desert a dragon lures children, animals and adults to its lair, and only a brave dog can rescue them.
A dragon arises in China and seeks to keep its hoard, while two con men try to steal it.
Searching for his father, a young man solves an ancient riddle and discovers an awful dragon truth.
Nanites, demons, and other mythical creatures join or battle the dracos, as do the humans who encounter them.  

These and other tales await within these pages, because here -  be
Different Dragons.
Not all fairies are pretty, and few are to be trusted.

With that in mind, take a walk through the delightful, full color illustrated pages of GARDENS OF THE FEY.

Surprises, smiles and shivers are in store for the daring.
Scarface, on his way back to a clan stronghold after assassinating a legate, meets and falls in love with a woman even more
ruthless than he. To win her, he must reunite an empire and create a kingdom. His only allies are his wits, his sword, and the power
in his scars -- black marks like the taloned finger prints of a demon.

To achieve his goals, he must deal with old enemies, gods of dubious worth, and his own family -- who may be the most
dangerous of all.
“Walk with us.” - Jay Lake

Walk with us as we explore the world of cancer as seen through a speculative lens. Hold our hands while we venture into the world
of what ifs. Take a journey at our side as we experience the full spectrum of what cancer has to offer. The light, the darkness.

Within these pages you'll meet a woman who adores her cancer as a lover, another who sees it as her ticket to immortality. We'll
meet a boy willing to do anything to save his mother and another with superpowers. There's a witch who uses magic to fight
against the beast ravaging her friend's body, a cat whose capacity for love is unparalleled, a damaged musician, aliens, a goddess
butterfly and so much more.

These are not easy stories to read. This is not a comforting collection that will wipe your fears away and make everything all right.
It's not that kind of book. These stories will make you cry, but they'll also make you laugh. They'll touch you and stir emotions,
some of which you might not like, but that's okay. It really is. These stories aren't all fun, but they are important. All of them.

Cancer scares us. There is so much we don't know about it, but it's out there, waiting to strike. This anthology attempts to strike
back. To support research that will develop new treatments and, eventually, a cure.

Proceeds from sales of Metastasis are being donated to The American Cancer Society
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them to leave. As their search continues, Kyrianna begins to question if there was a specific reason she and the others were
brought to this place.

After the guardians claim the artifact as been secured, they offer to open the portals to allow the group to return to their homes.
Instead of the familiar forest of Kilenter, Kyrianna finds herself in another world. Her companions from the temple arrive several
days after her.

When one of the members is accused of murder, they are tasked with assisting Tristan Duvall, who must face the demons and
ghosts of his family's past in order to claim his birthright as a nobleman of the city of Raspa. Kyrianna finds herself attracted to the
young man and facing the difficult decision of accepting his invitation to remain with him or return to her own home.
The year is 2035 and the world’s emerging from a devastating economic collapse. Computer guru, Ladesque, finds her task of
restoring the world’s internet capabilities, dull until...

She’s approached by Paul, an attractive FBI agent intent on recruiting her to an ultra-secret project. There’s only one problem—the
asexuality she was born with thirty-five years ago, vanishes and she’s left struggling with the unfamiliar power of libido.

explanation for the female asexuality saddling her generation is a lie. Her suspicions increase when an encoded diary and whispered
rumours link the affliction to conspiracy and murder. However, uncovering facts proves difficult in an age where hackers have
corrupted all digital records.

Putting her quest on hold, she joins Paul’s project where her uncertainties are quickly overshadowed by the explosive technology
and high-tech challenges of her job. Then, she receives her final assignment. She can either expose her mind to the potentially lethal
quantum computer for the sake of the world or be forever a watched woman.

She, alone, must assess the risk—a risk that just might reveal the truth about her past.
Bathmal is left feeling lost and anxious.  

And, perhaps most troubling of all, Nojo-his trusted and faithful con-squire-continues to display signs of
Once more he will head into darkness, in hopes of finding Sir Kasper, and ridding the world of the dark-elf Sidor. But unseen
forces will try to prevent him from doing both, and Bathmal will soon find out the taint of Hadez lasts far longer and doesn't go
away just because he is no longer within the fell realm; but when the time comes, will he decide to fight against the taint, or will he
embrace it?  

The Golden Griffin waits for Bathmal...possibly forever...
Because of the "hot virus," the devastation of WWIII is more horrible than the worse case scenario, and missiles fired in retaliation
gave new meaning to Scorched Earth.  

There were scattered warnings, which only a few heeded in time. No one ever imagined they would have to start from
scratch--and bare dirt.  

What to save--and where?  

Could we start over?  


Can a new world grow/move beyond the losses, mistakes and regrets?
In Cry of the Nightbird: Writers Against Domestic Violence, thirty-eight writers speak out in more than fifty prose and poetry
pieces of a hidden tragedy: violence in homes, living in fear, and forced silence. Authors from every walk of life and every aspect
of this difficult issue raise their voices as one to end this silence, to bring freedom and release for themselves and others. These
words will inform and inspire readers: give them eyes to see, a way to express, and motivation to act.

Proceeds from sales of Cry of the Nightbird: Writers Against Domestic Violence will be donated to YWCA Sonoma County to
benefit their Domestic Violence Programs.
What happens when dragons are dropped unexpectedly on your front door step from a company you’ve never heard of? In China,
a dragon comes up with a unique solution on what to do with all those maidens! An amusement park is hounded by a sea monster
the Indians had been feeding for centuries. Haunted by a ghostly dragon, a young woman flees across the snow wilderness,
terrified her slaughter of the beasts means her own death. A family is murdered in the Middle East,
Are there dragons on a spaceship? You bet! Not to mention an usual dragon ride one pilot will never forget! And let’s not forget,
how dragons can appear to be something they’re not, when protecting themselves or their family, from hidden magical dangers.

These and other tales await within these pages of Different Dragons II.
“God told us you were coming, tell us about His son.”  

Major Larry Henry had never expected to hear those words spoken by an alien race. Let alone one with sharp claws and fangs they
used for hunting and could easily shred him, his youngest sister and her boyfriend to shreds! But when his other sister Susanna and
their good friend Kal Devon disappeared from their colony, Larry and the rescue party made the astonishing discovery they weren’t
alone on Galilahi.
Dog Mushing Can Be Murder  

For Stephanie Keyes, noted sled dog racer in Colorado, sled dog racing can be dangerous enough. But when a fellow musher and
rival is found murdered and she's a prime suspect, Stephanie races to find the killer before he can strike again.  

Missing sled dogs and deadly goals abound in this super sleuth tale -- or is it tail?
When attorney Julie Sperling's fiancée is murdered while researching a controversial museum exhibit, she calls on her ex-lover,
science writer Greg Preston, for support. The exhibit is a dolmen – an entire megalithic tomb moved illegally from England to Los
Angeles. A murder mystery turns into a nightmarish pursuit as very real predators from ancient folktales try to hunt down anyone
with knowledge of their existence.  

For Greg and Julie, the City of Angels has become the gateway to hell...
Don't Write What You Know;
Write What You Care About -- Passionately!
Trapped in a place where they are constantly faced with new opponents and challenges, Kyrianna and her friends, will also have to
face the Goddess Thynitic and her Chosen Torliana.

Kyrianna finds Thynitic whispering in her mind, calling her deeper into the chaos. In order to save her friends from the evil
goddess, will she finally Embrace the Chaos and accept her place as a Daughter of Chaos or will she succeed in renouncing
Thynitic forever? And if she does, what will the cost be?
Harry Mickey Shorts, street wise private detective, gets a call from Max who just happens to be his favorite as well as his only son.
doing and races off to help his son and his friends.  

Max informs Harry he would like him to investigate the untimely events that prohibited Clint, their current cult hero, from
participating in a first ever poker tournament. Clint had played over a quarter of a million hands of poker by the time he had reached
his eighteenth birthday and, as evidenced by the size of his bank account, he had won a lot more of those hands than he had lost.
All of that meant nothing when he turned up unconscious in his hotel room on the morning of the first day of the inaugural “Under
During his investigation, Harry uses his expertise that sets him apart from other private investigators and goes undercover to
explore the world of internet poker. The twist with this version is only kids between the ages of sixteen and eighteen can participate
and all winnings may only be paid to higher institutions of learning for the kid’s college education. Harry’s renewed part-time
interest in his ex-wife and his love for and continued attempt to become part of his two children’s lives complicates his own life but
remains paramount in Harry’s thinking.
Paul has only known Jack Allister for a little over a week when two strange men show up at the inn looking for his friend. As he
bravely seeks to warn Jack, Paul soon finds himself caught up in a epic quest to stop the second coming of the evil god Arzak.

A month ago, Jack was nothing but a humble farm boy but he now finds himself chosen by the magical Demonsword Cartos to
wield it in the coming war. Even worse, Jack finds himself with uncertain allies; as the cult of wizards that brought him to the
sword seek to control him, while some of the other chosen warriors will use their Demonswords to betray him in an attempt to
save themselves rather than the world in which they live.

With the forces of good in such disarray, the world seems doomed, until Paul is unexpectedly anointed as the spokesman for
humanity’s patron god Paytr. The young boy must grow up fast and put his fears and his uncertainty behind him as he fights with
his friend against black magic on his way into the desolate domain of the dark god himself.

In the end it is Paul, not the other heroes, who must face Arzak alone and use his faith and his god's magic to defeat him and save
everything that he holds dear.
What is a Thief?

Someone who takes something that belongs to someone else—easy enough. Or is it?

In Den of Thieves, you’ll meet different types of thieves. Those who steal for money, those who steal for fun or challenge and
some who steal with the best of intentions.  

Stealing dreams, memories, hearts, souls, an abandoned throne, and more. You’ll find a very unique group here within this
collection of stories from the Den of Quills Authors.  

Proceeds from the sale of Den of Thieves will be donated to the World Literacy Foundation.
To correct past mistakes, Morgan must  again become Scarface to destroy the king he'd made and the church he'd used.  
To battle the god he'd served, he must recruit another god, but what payment will that god demand?
Colorado is the land of skiers and snowboarders. Or is it?

Hidden in its past are stories of a notorious pair of murderers who ended up without their heads. Whispers of dark eyed children
who lure people away to unknown fates. Of secrets buried in the Morrison formation unearthed by accident. Ancient gods who
challenge and warn away invaders. Government caches for something other than radioactive waste. And much, much more.

These eighteen tales are told both by local authors and those who have visited the state. Walk with them as they share their shivers
of wonder, horror and otherworldly adventures.
Soldiers go through boot camp, which teaches them discipline and how to fight. Then, they learn a specialty which hones those
skills. While no one can be totally prepared for battle, the military does the best they can to help soldiers react instinctively to

Unfortunately, soldiers aren’t re-trained to go home. Brains are amazing computers. They adapt to our environment and write
“programs” which help us to survive. In the case of battle-hardened veterans, those programs are still in place and running.

Survival instincts honed on the field of battle can be dangerous for them and innocent bystanders. A dog can provide comfort,
unconditional love, and non-judgmental support when a vet needs help readjusting to the civilian world.

TADSAW trains and pairs service dogs with vets so they can re-enter society with less stress and a partner at their side. Many of
these animals came from shelters where they would have been euthanized. In the end, both animal and warrior are saved.

In these pages our authors present stories about the bond between warriors and their canine friends. Pull up a chair and share as
they tell their tales.

Proceeds from sale of Tails from the Front Lines are being donated to TADSAW
Mattie Lamont Tyler loses both parents in an apparent car accident, then finds herself estranged from her only sibling when her
sister Angela elopes with a new boyfriend. But Mattie, a photojournalist with (ironically) a phobia of guns and violence, is blind to
dangers around her until Angela ends up on the critical list in an ICU six hundred miles from home and Mattie's husband, a
Southern Ute who appears to be a quiet, unassuming weather forecaster, stops answering his cell.

Before she can figure out what's going on, Mattie is kidnapped by Hawk, a ruthless stranger with accusations Mattie does not
understand. Her own survival and the lives of her loved ones depend on whether Mattie can see beyond her "blind eye" into
unknown inner strength.

From the plains of Oklahoma to the mountains of Southwest Colorado, Blind Eye sweeps the reader into a frantic race against
greed, lies, and pre-meditated murder.
After escaping from Thynitic's control, Kyrianna and her friends find themselves back on Shokar. All but one-Brular, the priest of
Hellavar, who sacrificed his freedom to protect them, is now a prisoner of the Lady of Chaos.

Each member of the group is given a different vision to follow as they seek aid in rescuing Brular in the short time they have before
they must journey into the Abyss to challenge Thynitic herself.

As they seek aid from various areas of Shokar, they find their efforts blocked by the temples of Mykaylene and Hellavar. They also
learn others are preparing for a coming war against a group they only call the Faithless.

All of them find something unexpected, including Kyrianna-who finds a way to return home as well as an unexpected romantic

Kyrianna must make choices-to accept her feelings for Tristan Duvall and risk losing her friend and companion-the unicorn Cewyr.
To return home, to a family willing to welcome her back or face the Goddess Thynitic and eventually her own destiny as a
Daughter of Chaos.
Seattle is on the brink of disaster, but nobody knows it! Nobody except Ralph, a “small-g” god from Olympus, Inc.

Ralph suffers from extreme job burn-out, and no wonder--his job is to reinforce Seattle’s notorious raised highway, the Alaskan
Way Viaduct, by disbursing his molecules throughout the unstable and hazardous structure.

But Ralph’s molecules are feeling the pull of reconstitution. Will he survive one more agonizing rush hour without resuming his
humanoid form and emerging from the viaduct, sending thousands of commuters to their deaths? And what about the familiar
shadow hovering over him? If Zeus (Olympus, Inc. CEO and the Biggest of Big-G Gods) is spying on him, all Tartarus is sure to
break loose!
On a remote space station, lone crewman Lt. Robert Bradley awakens to starless space and complete darkness. When he summons
the courage to venture outside, Bradley becomes the first human to embark on humanity's greatest journey.

He will develop a new understanding of the universe and witness the destinies of countless sentient life forms.
Caught between planets, unable to determine friends from enemies, Prince Anton finds himself and his all-knowing robotic horse
companion on a strange journey to his home with a fierce rival, three mismatched humans, two stowaways and an animated
hologram in a comic saga that warps time and space.
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Those were Hendandra’s words when the group was asked to go to the Abyss to rescue Brular from Thynitic.

Now they find themselves facing the horrors of that cursed place, along with nightmares from their own past as they struggle to
reach the Lady of Chaos’ citadel.

The closer they get to their goal the more dangerous their journey becomes and another deity enters the game—one who says she
opposes Thynitic, but whose actions indicate she also wants to stop Kyrianna and her friends from facing the Lady of Chaos.

Even as she tries to fight her destiny as a Daughter of Chaos...
“I’m leaving Hell for good, Eurydice…”  

When she heard those words, Eurydice had a choice: remain in Hades’ realm or escape to Earth with her kinswoman, Persephone.  

She knew the Earth wasn’t what they’d left. Demeter hadn’t summoned Persephone to bring Spring for quite some time…and the
last dead crossed the River Styx many years before.  
She hadn’t expected to arrive in a world where trains rode across the prairie on metal tracks instead of chariots and men settled
disputes with six guns instead of swords.

Eurydice will face perils both immortal and mortal, from gun and axe to her own heart…
Ah, the "Western frontier"!  

We learned all about it as children. We learned it was full of brave white American pioneer men killing the native inhabitants, who
didn't realize the land they'd occupied for millennia belonged to the newcomers.  

We learned it was full of heroic white American gunmen shooting each other in high noon standoffs. Those few characters who
didn't fit the above roles were generally helpless Mexican peasants; treacherous Mexican bandits; or the occasional rancher's wife,
school marm, or prostitute.

Omitted from the history lessons and the movies and TV shows were—the whole wide world. Well pull up a seat next to the fire
and we'll tell you those stories—follow the Lost Trails of those who were omitted as they tell us their stories of the Weird West.
Are you the kind of person who cheers for the underdog? Or in this case, under-gargoyle, homunculus, or orc? When the action’s
at its fullest, are you peering past the hero or heroine, looking to see what the supporting cast is up to?  

If so, this is the anthology for you!  

From a feline familiar who’s got to fill his boss’s shoes to a minotaur who is forced to fight to entertain humans, and trolls who are
completely out of control, Misunderstood is twenty-six tales of the characters who usually stand on the sidelines supporting either
the derring-do or dastardly deeds of the main character. You’ve read their tantalizing few lines in popular fiction. Now read their
stories, and hopefully they will no longer be—
Some people are destined from birth to do great things.  

Gil Orlov is born in the shadow of totality of a solar eclipse, the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. She is the culmination of a
carefully planned genealogy begun by her great-grandmother. Gil’s purpose, the goal of her family—defeating a Vision of the world
in flames, reduced to a lifeless cinder.  

But the power she should have is muted or lacking. Gil and her six sisters begin an arduous journey to a place of power high in the
Peruvian Andes known as Killichaka – the Bridge to the Moon. They must make it to this ancient temple in time to complete a ritual
during the totality of the 1937 solar eclipse. If they are successful, Gil’s powers should be restored—giving her the ability to
prevent the global disaster her ancestors warned of.  

To succeed they must first survive the journey and locate Killichaka. Against them is the environment, the elements, their own
doubts and fears as well as the ‘Other’ and a force that would gleefully see the world fall into chaos—an entity known as Supay.
From a training academy for henchmen to a super-villain’s final throes and last thoughts, enter the dark world of scoundrels where
the line between good and evil is drawn and crossed.  

You'll meet scheming mad scientists, career desperadoes, evil queens, necromancers, and people of questionable character
defeating even more dubious foes. These pages contain mayhem, devilry, and outright evil. Proceed, if you dare.  

Mwaaa haaa haaa!
Throughout the history of time, a war has raged between the forces of light and darkness.  

As the millennia passed the blood lines thinned and powers waned. One year ago, the last great sorcerer disappeared in the process
of killing the last of the Dark Dragons, and now the world is in the hands of only the weakly magicked.

But can you ever really kill a dragon?  

Twila Aurelius and Morgan Stevens are two girls who are thrust into this time-honored struggle, pitted against the dark forces.
With wit and friendship, and a little bit of dumb luck, they set out to put the world right again, even if it means fighting off
werewolves with no more than a stapler. Evil sorcerers aren’t the only threat, especially when the girls learn more about their own
histories and those of their families.  

Can friendship overcome history?  

Can two girls overcome evil?
Trapped on Earth as his archenemy Wyron hovers dangerously in the sky above, Crown Prince Anton can only rely for assistance
on his fantastic automatonic rocking horse Thurgose and a friendly bureaucrat named Bonnie. They try to hide with Outsiders,
people who have rejected society’s push for ratings to achieve immortality, finding Bonnie’s brother among them.  

Wyron won’t wait and attacks, forcing the Americans to turn to the only ones who can save them, Anton and Thurgose.

With his ship repaired and joined by a human crew, Anton sets off for an epic battle.
Seventeen-year-old Sarah, who lives in Massachusetts during the 1600’s, would rather become a mid-wife like her late mother
rather than marry one of the knavish boys in the settlement and darn his socks for the rest of her days.

Sarah’s life changes forever when a young man is found naked out in the snow, with no tracks leading up to him and no signs of
struggle on the body. Villagers in the small Puritan community gossip over how he came to be there. Though seventeen-year-old
Sarah jokes he must have fallen from the sky, it would be impossible for him to have done so. When it’s discovered the stranger is
alive and thought to be a simpleton, he’s taken in by Sarah’s father.

Sarah discovers this man who fell from the heavens is anything but simple. The mystery of the stranger deepens when he calls
himself the Bearer of the Morning Star. In a time of religion and witchcraft, these words offer one possibility; he must be the devil.

Still grieving for the death of family members, and searching for her own sense of self in a world of religious rules, Sarah struggles
with the blossoming feelings she has for this stranger. Can this man who heals the sick, talks to animals, and claims not to believe
in the devil survive in the strict environment of the Puritans? And can Sarah let herself love him, despite knowing he will soon need
to leave her?
859 A.D. Yohl Ik’nal (“Heart of the Wind Place”) is alone with her two starving children on their drought-stricken farm. Her
husband and two grown sons have been drafted to fight in a distant war. Will they ever return? Yohl can’t afford to wait. Her
hungry children must be fed. It’s time to dig up Yohl’s past, for her mother was a princess, her grandfather a king. She still has
relatives amongst the Maya royalty. They are her best hope for salvation.

Follow Yohl and her children as they travel Maya causeways, highways of the ancient world, through ravaged jungle and depressed
homesteads to the capital city, itself on the verge of economic collapse.  

Can the religious spectacle of human sacrifice provoke the Gods’ beneficence? If the Maya ceremonies and myths fail, Yohl has
recourse to the older, deeper traditions of the forest people.  

She’ll do whatever necessary to survive.
They say graduates of the Martian School of Economics really go places. That’s certainly true for Sarah Meadows. After taking a
job with the Gompers Insurance Company they send her to weapons training on her second day on the job. She’s soon parachuting
out of space ships, hunting down cargo pirates and even trying to salvage a derelict vessel that may be haunted. Not to mention
getting involved in a war between Earth and a reptilian race.
Women are born to handle crisis: from the routine tasks of running a household to commanding a starship. Lightships and Sabers
features the stories of sixteen unique women facing extraordinary odds.  

An inconvenient princess is appointed Governor of an unruly planet after everyone holding the office before her are killed.  

One of the few fertile human women left is not allowed to pilot a war machine, but she takes matters into her own hands when her
brother is kidnapped.  

A notorious female spaceship captain is charged to rescue a Baroness from an abusive marriage, but not all is as it appears.  

Read these as well as the tales of thirteen other lucky (or not) women in
Lightships and Sabers.
If you've gained your knowledge of the Wild West from Hollywood and history textbooks, your image of the Western frontier is
simple and clear: White men winning the West and saving helpless white future wives from outlaws or hostile Indians or Mexican

You won't find that here.


U.S. Marshal Frederick Douglass fights invaders from outer space.

A Navajo girl must thwart the god who threatens all she holds dear.

A Hasidic high planes drifter faces New World bandits and Old Testament demons.

And much more...

This anthology, like its predecessor, Lost Trails: Volume One, exists to recognize and celebrate the diverse realities of the historical
West with excellent and entertaining Weird West stories.

Welcome to the Weird West more realistic than many a mundane Western!

The season of rebirth and renewal
A time of hope and new beginnings

Or Is It?  

Enter into the season of Spring with this collections of stories from the authors of the Den of Quills

Rebirth and Joy vie with Death and Sorrow as the emotions of Spring in these ten stories

This is the first in a four volume collection of Seasonal Anthologies from Den of Quills
In the second installment of the Blind Eye series, billionaire heiress Mattie Tyler is abducted by a team of mercenaries sent to
avenge the death of their leader, whom Mattie shot while defending herself and her family in the southwest Colorado Rocky

Crippled by a recent gunshot wound and unable to defend herself, Mattie helplessly watches the killers destroy her family home,
then target her closest friends.  

As the trail of death and destruction grows, Mattie’s husband, Jeremiah “Black Bear” Tyler, must rely on his experience as a covert
operative to recruit questionable allies in order to save her. But in a shocking twist of fate he finds himself the prime target of law
enforcement when circumstantial evidence convinces investigators he is after Mattie’s family wealth.
Much to his surprise, Harry Mickey Shorts gets a call from Mel, his ex-brother-in-law, who needs his help. It is a rare occasion
when Mel asks Harry for anything at all never mind his help. When it does happen Harry takes notice and drops what he is doing to
see what it is that troubles “Big Mel.”  

Over a few cool ones Mel tells Harry a long-winded tale from his past involving a kid he had coached. Little Billy Burns had walked
out of the gym before the end of a basketball game and soon vanished all together. Mel’s belief that he had somehow failed Billy has
lingered and he now sees an opportunity to rectify that wrong.

With the help of his friend, Tom, Harry’s investigation takes him back to Central Pennsylvania to meet with Billy who currently
resides in the Cumberland County jail. Their journey begins with an introduction to Billy’s extended con-artist family and ultimately
to some Las Vegas hustlers who are looking to continue their venture into golf course swindles. And at long last is Mel’s reunion
with Billy. At the same time Harry’s part-time interest in his ex-wife, his love for his children and his continued attempt to become
an integral part of their lives, continues to complicate his own life.
A world decimated by virus,
A crime lord’s daughter holds the key.
Can she discover it in time?

Meet the crime lord of the future—she’s five foot five, wears an evening gown, has computerized reflexes and carries a Glock. Her
soldados defend her against assassination or attacks by San Francisco homeless. But neither they nor the world of high tech
Jaymes lives in can protect her from GEORG—a virus that thinks and plans, or Adan Bernardo, the mysterious scientist behind it.  

When her corporate stronghold comes crashing down, she’s forced to make new and bizarre friends with talents for manipulating
technology to uncover her family skeletons and how they link to a terrible future. Unless, that is, Jaymes can unlock the secret she
carries within herself to fight back.

Her world depends on it.
Whether you like your revenge with the molten fire of a fine old Scotch or the cool sweetness of a tasty meringue, the nineteen
tales within these covers should offer something to assuage you.

Narcissistic co-workers, thieves of affection, and bad neighbors are given their due in ways imaginative and sublime.

Featuring stories by: Andrew Seddon, Anthony Crinella, Ashley Vasquez, Brian H. Seitzman, Calvin Demmer, Carlos Roque, Christa
Carmen, Erica Eastick, Jill Hand, Joseph P. Pietris, Kelly Matsuura, Kevin M. Folliard, Kirk Dougal, Lena Ng, Maria Haskins, Matt
Handle, Mike McNichols, Rebecca McFarland Kyle and Robb T. White
Raine receives a final, disturbing message from her father. The problem is, it was written after he was supposedly killed in battle.
Now she must join the ranks of the inhuman Rift Wardens to try and uncover the truth.

What she finds is a dark plot involving some very powerful people, and stopping it could very well cost Raine her life.  

Or, even worse, it could cost her soul.
Helen is trying to get over the recent loss of her mother. Seeing the struggle, her father sends her to live with her grandparents.

Now among the forests her mother loved, Helen connects with her mother's hobby, photography. With her mother's first camera,
an old Nikon, she snaps a shadowy figure in the early-morning shade of a fir tree.

The resulting friendship not only pulls her from the destructive depression she was sinking into, but leads Helen into a world of
magic and adventure and gives her a new purpose in life and a new reason to live.
From building Towers of Solitude in Colorado’s mountains to freeing a bestiary held captive by a demon-possessed Scottish Laird,
Elise and Hagatha Macrow are on the case.  

Necromantic Shenanigans is a lucky combination of thirteen stories detailing the escapades of two necromancers, who fight crime
and normalcy without ever donning a cape.

Time to be free, time to be alive,  
time to live, time to die!

School's out, the rains come, the rains go, the ever-present heat, the stifling heat that claws at you and makes you want to kill

And yet, there is hope during the summer, hope for the future, for growth, for better times yet to come, time to do things before
the slowdown of Fall and Winter set in.

The Day is strong and long, beating back the night...  

The Season of the Sun is Nigh!

Featuring stories by: Frank Montellano, Michael Baker, Dan McAteer, Natalie Vorare, Max Xavier, Benny Hill, Anthony D Farr,
Derek Stedman, Cheryl Toner, Christine McIntosh, LR Broberg-Mofitt

This is the second in a four volume collection of Seasonal Anthologies from Den of Quills

You shiver with delight as crisp breezes herald the turning of the season.  

The magical Autumnal Equinox signals the slow slide to longer nights. Leaves drop and festival carnies load up their booths and
rides. There are those who usher in death and sometimes they just give the clueless a gentle push towards Hell’s gates.  

School has started. Children used to laugh as they frolicked in fields with childhood friends. Their laughter is now muted, tamped
down behind closed schoolhouse doors. But even here, within these pages, are they really children?

Crops are harvested and portals open to horrors -- both real and imagined, from the Old World to the current time. Deals and
promises are made; pacts with the Otherworld that are more valuable than life itself.  

Fall is the season of witches and magic; of nightmares and demons.  

Come dance with us under the moonlight of the last harvest moon and enjoy these tales guaranteed to make you shiver!

Light a fire if you must, but beware, The Season of Fear has arrived.

Featuring stories by: Anthony D Farr, Frank Montellano, Michael Baker, Natalie Vorare, Max Xavier, Benjamin Hill, LR Broberg-
Mofitt, Kasey Dawn Hill, Cheryl Toner, Carol Hightshoe

This is the third in a four volume collection of Seasonal Anthologies from Den of Quills
Veronica Zeta, youngest child of Zeus and Hera, is at last CEO of the immortal owned and operated corporation, Olympus, Inc.
The biggest project on her agenda is creating world peace, but first she must depose her bloodthirsty brother Ares, God of War. To
do so, she must deploy a supernatural force called The Power, which can demand a terrible price.

Zeus, former CEO and Ex-Lord of the Universe, struggles with identity issues after his retirement. The bright spot in his life is
babysitting his toddler granddaughter, but his marriage with Hera is foundering and he longs for someone to confide in.

Hera’s new campaign, a mortal lifestyle series of books and seminars called Marvelous Marriage, is a huge success. The face of
this project, small-g goddess Candy Smith, has become a media celebrity. Hera, Goddess of Marriage, revels in the market share
she’s stealing from the “adult” industries owned by her rival, Aphrodite.

But Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, is ready to fight back! Employing a photo-shopped tabloid cover photo and a box of enchanted
chocolates, she disrupts the personal life of Candy Smith and goads Hera into executing her own sabotage plan.

The lives of these Olympians collide when Veronica succeeds in deposing Ares, and pays for deploying a large dose The Power
with blindness, anguish and, possibly, death. But how can an immortal die? The answer lies in an old family secret, daringly
unearthed by Zeus in the eleventh hour.
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

While Newton was talking about motion when he developed the above law, it can also be said that for every action or decision there
is a consequence: sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Many times consequences can be foreseen and planned for. But there are times they are never seen. It is these unforeseen or
Unintended Consequences that can have the biggest impact on individual lives.

An android working to pass as human.
A woman who loses her pre-destined 'soul mate' on world where they were marked at birth.
A Queen who uses magic to make her subjects more cooperative and helpful to each other.
A wife who authorizes a radical treatment for dementia to be performed on her husband.

And 16 more who will learn about the unintended consequences that will affect their lives.

Featuring stories by: Lyn McConchie, Alexandria Bellefleur, Michael Picco, Natasha Cage, Catrin Sian Rutland, DJ Tyrer, Dana
Bell, Holly Riordan, Chris Dean, Guy Anthony De Marco, Andrew M. Seddon, J.G. Formato, Michael W. Clark, S. D. Matley,
Vaughan Stanger, Jean Martin, Edward Ahern, Glen Damien Campbell, Lyn Godfrey, and V. Hartman DiSanto
When Dallas homicide detective Kevin Talon wakes up in the ER with no memory of who put him there, he's grateful he's alive.

Except he's not.

He quickly learns that crime scenes are no place for a vampire. But he’s determined to continue fighting crime. Being as he’s stuck
with a permanent night job, he’s definitely walking on the weird side.
Stories are a form of magic. Through them we create worlds and people.

Within these pages you will find a variety of worlds and characters: heartbroken werewolves, Roman soldiers and dragons who
seek immortality only to find the cost is more than they expected. Pirates seeking release from their eternal punishments. A fairy
tale princess who learns the real reason for the curse is to prevent her from being used by others. A pair of ladies who story is well
known, but have you ever heard their side of the story. And many more.

Werewolves, dragons, unicorns and other magical creatures inhabit the worlds contained within. Various gods walk these realms as
do spirits both pleasant and vengeful.  

Carol Hightshoe invites you to enter these worlds and visit with the characters she has created in 24 tales of science-fiction and
fantasy. Here legends will be reborn.  

Legends Reborn is a collection of 22 previously published short stories as well a 2 new stories by science-fiction and fantasy
author Carol Hightshoe.
A handful of men escape a Russian POW camp and make their way to Poland to alert whatever governments are left that the
Russians are planning a strike simply called Operation A, They discover a world that has changed, devastated by plague and war,
but where some groups are struggling to rebuild civilization while others continue to serve dead ideologies.

The group becomes "Recon Nine" and sets out to track down the higher command from the prison camp who are instrumental in
Operation A.

Despite the bleakness of the surroundings, THE LONG WAY HOME is filled with action, surprises, and even some humor.

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer so do our feelings of dread. The temperature drops, and we shiver with
anticipation of nights in front of the fireplace while outside the Earth sleeps and hunger stalks the land. A blanket of snow and ice
covers the world like a shroud. Safe and warm, we sip our hot cider and listen to the wolves howl their baleful song. Winter is a
time of ruin and desperation.

However, even as Winter's icy grip tightens, there is hope. Snowball fights and winter celebrations will make even the meanest
among us smile. With the arrival of the Solstice, the days begin to grow longer and the nights shorter. The sun begins its slow
return and starts to push back the night--bringing the promise of rebirth and renewal with it.

But, beware, for while winter will eventually pass into Spring, it never passes quietly and ruin is always close at hand. So grab a
warm drink, huddle underneath a blanket, and enjoy this selection of winter tales from the Den of Quills.

This is the fourth in a four volume collection of Seasonal Anthologies from Den of Quills.

Featuring stories by: Anthony D Farr, Benjamin Hill, Frank Montellano, Kelley Thibodeau, Cheryl Toner, Carol Hightshoe, LR
Broberg-Moffitt, Natalie Vorare, Max Xavier
Áráná Télánrï, a Druid of the Clan of the Flame Spiders, has lived in the Forest of Rüvánó all her life. For most of that life, she has
been the guardian of the elven capitol known as Qüálilárï. However, the queen of the elves has commanded she leave her beloved
home and lead an expedition to the Southern Jungle. She, along with one thousand of her people, must blaze a trail through a vast,
dangerous and largely unexplored territory to reach their new home.

Throughout the journey Áráná must face her own doubts and fears as she leads her people through conflict and the cold shadow of
death to their new home.

Whisper of Fate is the first book in the Under a Sea of Stars trilogy and the first step along Áráná’s journey to a destiny she could
never have imagined.

The word conjures up images of jail cells, steel bars, guards, chain gangs, prison stripes and more.

In this anthology seventeen authors tell tales of possible future incarceration methods:
Genetic Engineering to create a new breed of prison guards
Viral Engineering to create a medically induced coma that can be programmed for a specific length of time.
Prisoners who volunteer to be human Guinea Pigs to receive early releases – if they survive.
A “Fun House” that helps people to move past their prejudices and pre-conceived ideas of others.

These and other forms of imprisonment are available for you to explore – from a safe distance – in these pages. Some are
indictments of the system, with those who are not-guilty punished for something they didn’t do. Some offer harsh punishments for
what seems like only a minor infraction and others explore the human side of imprisonment in unique ways. Join us – we promise
you’ll be released at the end of each story.

Featuring stories by: Rebecca McFarland Kyle, David Boop, Melodie Bolt, Dean Anthony Brink, Dawn M Sooy, A. L. Sirois, David
B Riley, Lauren C Teffeau, Andrew M Seddon, Cheryl Toner, S. D. Matley, Catrin Sian Rutland, Frank Montellano, Gerry
Griffiths, Liam Hogan, Lyn Godfrey, and R. Joseph Maas