A Cycle of Gods
                                 - Henry Lazarus
The Gods of Light have dominated the ancient world for centuries, interfering with human civilization. Now, someone is killing them.

That frightens the Gods enough to send for the trickster, Odyl, the hero of the Minoan war, to discover the murderer. The Bull God, Torodous, among others is
opposed to human interference, and maroons Odyl and his war companions; Pellian, Eugonis, Larpos, and Ajax on the island of the one-eyed God Appolian, who
slays any invaders. To insure Odyl cannot complete his mission Torodous attacks Odyl's homeland of Naxos and kidnaps Odyl's wife Penelope and his young son
Anticius. With only his wits and his ability to throw fire to aid him, Odyl must somehow vanquish Appolian, make his way to Minos and cross the huge island to
rescue his wife.

Adding to his problems is a strange God of shadows who is quite different from the Gods of Light, and wants different things from him.

Who are the real Gods?

Why are they so interested on Odyl?

The answer is found deep under Minos in a maze of caverns where Odyl is hunting for his wife and child and hunted by Gods trying to kill him.

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