The Hero of Twilight
Book One: The Road to the Golden Griffin
                               -- Jason J Sergi
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Millstand held very little for young Bathmal Arined. Aside from his mother, the village held nothing for him at all. And yet, he was trapped within its confines. Born
fantasizing of grand adventure and of places wholly unlike Millstand. Places where everyone had a voice, and everyone mattered and cared for one another
regardless of caste. He often spent long hours wandering the worlds of his imagination, battling evil singlehandedly, rescuing cities and nations from hordes of
gruesome demons, and returning to countless glorious homecomings.

But when the fantasies faded and reality crept back in, Bathmal knew he was just a bastard; and in his world, that equaled to nothing. Then, on a cold winter day
on the outskirts of the village, Bathmal's life changes forever. He encounters a knight from the north, who tells Bathmal that there is more to the world than being a
bastard, and that even bastards can become knights. Bathmal becomes obsessed with the idea and follows the knight from the village and commences on a life
journey that will take him into the frozen mountains, across the sea to an ill-fated kingdom, and into the depths of The Black Realm of Hadez itself, there to face his
true tests where success would grant Bathmal the chance to obtain everything he'd dreamed of, and failure meant endless death.

Bathmal's journey also leads him to the tale of The Golden Griffin, and sets him down the first few steps of the road towards a possible meeting with history…and
a legend come alive.

The Dragon King and The Golden Griffin. It's an ancient story, created back when the world was still wild. A story of a wise but fierce ruler, and a bold usurper.
A story of strange beings, and fabled treasure. A story with origins lost to legends, wars, and the taming of the world. A story that has attracted hundreds of
adventurers and treasure hunters to the dangerous lands of the long-dead dragon king. A story that has intrigued young Bathmal Arined since the day he heard it
and now that very story has sent him down a road which passes through cosmic strife, bitter loss, horrid evil, and uncertain friendships.

The road can only end with The Golden Griffin…or Bathmal's death.
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The Hero of Twilight
- J Royal Horton, author of The Jackson Hole Mysteries

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Step into a fantasy not unlike the world when Viking kings once strode the land and knights would fight to protect the weak from injustice. Sergi's wonderful descriptions make this story a read
you can't put down. Follow young Bathmal as he comes of age and proves himself worthy of knighthood.

You'll want to join him again on the exciting quests to come! - Marge Simon, author of The Fallen Sky

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