The Battle of Delldoan is over; The Demon Saint Flesh is dead; Bathmal's mother is safe and happy; The threat to Anfaria defeated; but, even with all this  
concluded, as is the vile dark-elf Zenlem Sidor. And, perhaps most troubling of all, Nojo--his trusted and faithful con-squire--continues to display signs of
Dangerous Instability, just as Bathmal was warned could happen just short months ago. If a solution to the problem cannot be found soon, Bathmal fears that he
may have to do the unthinkable...

The Golden Griffin calls to him still, and Bathmal would find it all too easy to leave his problems behind to go in search of it---but he is a knight, and
must choose what is right.

Once more he will head into darkness, this time in hopes of finding Sir Kasper, and of ridding the world of one more evil in the dark-elf Sidor. But
unseen forces will try to prevent him from doing both, and Bathmal will find out soon enough that the taint of Hadez lasts far longer and doesn't go away just
because he is no longer within the fell realm; but when the time comes, will he decide to fight against the taint, or will he embrace it?

The Golden Griffin waits for Bathmal...
possibly forever...

The Dragon King and The Golden Griffin. It's an ancient story, created back when the world was still wild. A story of a wise but fierce ruler, and a bold usurper.
A story of strange beings, and fabled treasure. A story with origins lost to legends, wars, and the taming of the world. A story that has attracted hundreds of
adventurers and treasure hunters to the dangerous lands of the long-dead dragon king. A story that has intrigued young Bathmal Arined since the day he heard it
and now that very story has sent him down a road which passes through cosmic strife, bitter loss, horrid evil, and uncertain friendships.

The road can only end with The Golden Griffin…or Bathmal's death.
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Don't Write What You Know;
Write What You Care About -- Passionately!
The Hunters of Shadow
Book Three: The Road to the Golden Griffin
                                                                                      - Jason J Sergi
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