Lightships and Sabers V.2
                                                     - editor Carol Hightshoe
Cordelia Naismith captained a throwaway ship of the Betan Empire into victoty…

Mara Jade fought first for the Empire and then for the New Republic struggling against the past and using her talents with the
Force to fight for what she believes is right…

Katniss Everdeen offers herself up for the gladatorial Hunger Games instead of her little sister, who she fears would not

When felinoid alien, Pianfar Chanur, runs across a “human” alien, it is only the pride that keeps her from returning him to his

Fleet Lieutenant Esmay Suiza faces the truth of her background simultaneously with the threat of alien invasion…

Princess Leia Organa, who later arose to be a General, led and fought in the Rebellion to restore a Democratic Republic to the

We never tire of reading about these amazing heroines and their exploits, but have you considered writing a science fiction
story of your own about a heroine or perhaps a female-dominated society?  Here’s your chance.

For the second volume of Lightships and Sabers, we are looking for stories about powerful female heroines such as the ones
listed above. We're interested in science fiction, futuristic magic use (think Star Wars), grand adventures with swashbuckling
heroines, and touching tales. We are also looking to honor the memory of Carrie (Princess Leia) Fisher with this collection –
so send us your stories about kick ass space princesses (NO FAN-FICTION please)

Whether they are from a matriarchal or Amazon-style society or traditional male-dominated world, bring us powerful women
and their stories.
NOTE: Your narrator does not have to be the heroine of the tale, but female narrators are

In further honor of Carrie Fisher –
Proceeds from sales of Lightships and Sabers V. 2 will be donated to the
Depression and Bipolar Support alliance.

RESTRICTIONS: NO fan-fic. Keep the content PG-13, please.  Limit profanity and erotic content. We want to make this
book available to young adult readers as well as adults. If you have questions about content, please feel free to email:  

SUBMISSION EMAIL: / Please put Lightships Submission in the subject line.
READING PERIOD:  Deadline March 15th 2017
RELEASE DATE: May 25th 2017 (to match the original release date of Star Wars: A New Hope)
PAYMENT: This is a charity anthology with proceeds being donated to the Depression and Bipolar Support Allinace.
However, authors will still receive a $5.00 flat payment for the use of their story.

SUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED: Reprints OK – if rights have reverted, No Simutaneous Submissions, No Multiple Submissions
LENGTH:  Up to 7,000 words, but the sweet spot is between 3,000 and 5,000.

FORMATTING:  Standard manuscript formatting, please. Margins should be 1” to 1.5” sides, top, bottom. Indent the first
lines of each paragraph, double space, italics for thoughts, etc. Font should be 12 point Times New Roman or Courier. File
should be in .doc or .rtf.

Include the following information on the first page:
Full name
Phone number
Word Count

WARNING:  Send us a virus or malware and we will never accept another story from you again.
Don't Write What You Know;
Write What You Care About -- Passionately!
For information on format guidelines please visit the links below.
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