M. H. Bonham or Maggie Bonham or Margaret H. Bonham (she does this regularly to confuse her publishers, but her
fans figure it out) is a six-time award winning author of twenty-eight or so books, including her near award-winning
novel, Prophecy of Swords (Yard Dog Press), Runestone of Teiwas (Yard Dog Press), The King's Champion
(WolfSinger Publications), Serpent Singer and Other Stories (Yard Dog Press) and Lachlei (Dragon Moon Press).
Maggie's SFF works include the award-winning The Ultimate Weapon (The Four Bubbas of the Apocalypse), Cult of
the Snagtar (Flush Fiction), Serendipity (Houston, We've Got Bubbas), Darkness Over All (Small Bites, Tales of the
Talisman), Gunrunner (More Sonic Stories, Tales of the Talisman), A Storm Coming (Tales of the Talisman),
Practice (Kidvisions), When the Vengeance is Gone (A Time To) and Hellhounds (Amazon.com).

In nonfiction, Maggie has 22 books on pets and pet care. She's written scads of articles that must run in the hundreds
by now.

When Maggie isn't writing, she's racing sled dogs, climbing mountains, podcasting and practicing karate and ninjitsu
somewhere in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains. She lives with her dashing husband, several sled dogs, four
Malamutes (one named Haegl, who is named after the same black dragon in her stories, whom she swears is a dragon
in a fur suit), and one very bold cat. Her current SFF projects include Web of Wyrd, the sequel to Runestone of
Teiwas; Outcasts of the Chi'lan, the sequel to Lachlei; and Samurai Son, a Japanese-style fantasy, as well as other
nonfiction and fiction projects.

Maggie is the host of the Sci Fi Traveling Road Show podcast.
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Visit Maggie's website at
www.shadowhelm.net or www.lachlei.com, her blog at shadowhelm.livejournal.com,
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She has an email list for her fantasy books at
ProphecyOfSwords-subscribe@yahoogroups.com - be sure to join up!
M.H. Bonham
Don't Write What You Know;
Write What You Care About -- Passionately!