Cancer scares us. It scares us and it intrigues us. There is so much we don't know about it, but it's out there, waiting to strike when we least expect it. Cancer is
not all-powerful and many people beat it, but to those who don't cancer is cruel. It doesn't show them the kindness of a quick death but draws things out, taking
their life away in slices.

Cancer is the body turning on itself. It's uncontrolled growth. It is invisible and indiscriminate.

Metastasis is a fantasy/sci-fi anthology all about cancer.
                         - edited by Rhonda Parrish
Authors appearing in

Jay Lake
Marge Simon
Michael Keller
Barbara Daniels
Candas Jane Dorsey
David Sklar
Sandi Lebowitz
Bill Ratner
Kevin J Anderson
Steve Lickman
Scott Williams
I J Black
Rie Sheridan Rose
T Fox Dunham
Morgen Knight
Mary-Ellen Maynard
BD Wilson
Sara Cleto
Michael S Pack
Brenda Stokes Barron
Gabrielle Harbowy
Robert Dawson
Cat Jenkins
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A portion of the proceeds from sales of Metastasis are being donated to
the American Cancer Society.

Amount Donated to date: $32.57
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