A Shapeshifter from a planet known as Paradise, comes to Earth on a mission to rescue other Shapeshifters who may have become trapped in Earth shapes and are
unable to return to their home planet. Before he begins his mission he must go to a space station, run by an entity named Phylos, where he studies Earth creatures.
The Shapeshifter is eager to begin his mission, but Phylos worries that the Shapeshifter will become entrapped in an Earth form and forget his true identity. He
asks the Shapeshifter his name. A Shapeshifter’s true name can release him from a shape, but it can also keep him trapped in that shape. Although the Shapeshifter
has never told anyone his name before, he decides to entrust Phylos with it.

During his time on Earth the Shapeshifter becomes a dog, a duck, a pigeon, a human male, and a human female. It is as a human female that Shapeshifter begins to
forget his true identity. She goes to a therapist who urges her to write down her dreams.

Although her dreams terrify her (she can’t understand why she dreams of flying and of making love to women), she keeps working to put the pieces of the puzzle
together and recover her memory, although with each passing day she becomes more identified with her current shape and less likely to believe the truth of who
she really is.

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Remember Me to Paradise
                              - Amy Benesch
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