The Threat of Saint Flesh
Book Two: The Road to the Golden Griffin
                                                    - Jason J Sergi
Bathmal, now a knight of a defunct Order, returns home to revel in his accomplishment, and to rescue his mother from the backbreaking misery offered by
Millstand's fullbloods.

But upon returning, Bathmal and Nojo find Millstand deserted  and ransacked, his mother and everyone else gone. There is little evidence as to what had happened
to the townfolk, but of what evidence there is, it all pointed north. Together, Bathmal and his con-squire charge north through Anfaria's badlands in a desperate
attempt to find answers. Along the way they unravel a hideous plot that must be stopped before it can go any further. They also find an old friend of Sir Odon's,
whose loyalty is suspect; and a demon far worse than anything Bathmal has ever faced before.

Bathmal needs to find his mother if at all possible, but his duty as a knight may suck him too deeply into the cosmic battles being waged by Deus and Malus. And
to compound all else, betrayal and a new war awaits him across the sea in Twilight--but a another danger, one which lies much closer, threatens to destroy him
and all that he hopes to achieve...

Another detour along a Road where nothing is guaranteed.
The Golden Griffin will wait...Bathmal needs only to survive.

The Dragon King and The Golden Griffin. It's an ancient story, created back when the world was still wild. A story of a wise but fierce ruler, and a bold usurper.
A story of strange beings, and fabled treasure. A story with origins lost to legends, wars, and the taming of the world. A story that has attracted hundreds of
adventurers and treasure hunters to the dangerous lands of the long-dead dragon king. A story that has intrigued young Bathmal Arined since the day he heard it
and now that very story has sent him down a road which passes through cosmic strife, bitter loss, horrid evil, and uncertain friendships.

The road can only end with The Golden Griffin…or Bathmal's death.
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