Everyone loves strange and unusual objects.

Yep. That’s right. Objects.

Objects one would never guess have the ability to send the traveler on an adventure in time.

What? No clunky machines?

Not in this collection.

Instead, sit back and be intrigued by stories about a sleigh driven by Santa, a pocket watch given to a friend, an Egyptian box found on another planet, an eternal
ring, a supercollider and many other everyday objects. Each of them result in an unexpected journey in time and space.

Was that a shimmer around one’s favorite object? Better watch out!
Authors appearing in
Time Traveling Coffers

Alan Lickiss
Nikalas Nowell
Dave Withe
Carol Hightshoe
Peter Wacks
Matt Chatelain
Malcolm Cowen
Sheryl Normandeau
Kessie Carroll
Kaitlyn Wooley
Rebecca McFarland-Kyle
Dana Bell
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(Multiple eBook formats)

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Time Traveling Coffers
                          - edited by Dana Bell
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