The wolf has long been a source of folklore and mystery, since the dawn of humankind.

Sometimes reviled and feared
Sometimes revered and loved
The wolf's fate has intertwined with our own.

Follow the latest myths and legends of the wolf as written by Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror authors.

In this anthology, you'll find stories by best selling pros as well as by up and coming authors.

Edited by M.H. Bonham, Science Fiction and Fantasy author and editor, you'll discover that as the dusk fades in the night, you'll hear the wolfsong calling you into
stories of the imagination.

This is the companion to our popular WolfSongs Volume 1 released in 2009 (Now out of print)
Authors appearing in
WolfSongs 2

Diane Pharoah Francis
Irene Radford
Laura J Underwood
John Lance
David Lee Summers
Keith Gouviea
Laura K Deal
Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
S.A. Bolich
Therese Arkenberg
Joseph Baneth Allen
Carol Hightshoe
Angela L. Silliman
M.H. Bonham
Matt Bille
(Trade Paperback and Kindle)
(Multiple eBook formats)

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WolfSongs II
                                             - edited by M.H. Bonham
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