The books for 2012 will be posted to the website shortly.

I am seriously behind - being that my staff consists of me, myself and I - it happens.
I have two more books from 2011 that I have to finish up and get into distribution and will then get started on the 2012 schedule.
As well as a number of submissions to review.

Please be patient.

Also check out the Calls for Submissions - we have
3 anthologies we are looking for submissions for.


We again open to submissions - please visit the guidelines page for information.

Also - I am happy to announce that WolfSinger eBooks are now available at Sony and will soon be available at Diesel.

The list of 2011 releases is posted on the 'Our Books and Authors' page and a promo page with blurbs for each book will be
posted soon.


THANK YOU to my first readers.

With their help, we have filled the slots for the 2011 Schedule.
I have sent rejections out on the slush pile and have a few more contract offers to send out -
will announce when all emails have been sent.

We will be reopening to submissions for the 2012 publishing schedule on 31 July.

Also - guidelines have been posted for the 2011 anthology -
A Taste of Armageddon
Check them out under Calls for Submissions

As soon as I get all the contract offers for 2011 out and hear back from the authors, I will be posting the titles and authors on the
'Our Books and Authors' page - be looking for it.

I have been uploading our ebooks to Smashwords and through them, WolfSinger ebooks are now available through:

Barnes & (Nook)
Apple (iPad)
(Still waiting on Sony - but hopefully soon)
as well as Smashwords and their affiliates
this is in addition to: (Kindle)
Mobipocket and their affiliates


Rejections and acceptances are going out for All About Eve.
The cover has been posted to the promo page - take a look.

Because I have so many things going on I am going to set up an email loop and am looking
for first readers to assist with the slush pile.

For those wondering why it takes so long to get a response from WolfSinger here is why:

WolfSinger Publications consists of only ONE person - me
I have a full time job
Publish and edit two online magazines and one print magazine
Am also a writer - my fantasy series is currently being published by Double Dragon
Have a family

Unfortunately, I can't afford to hire any help,
so I'm looking for volunteers to be first readers for the slush pile.
If you are interested please send an email to:
I will have to approve you to join the group,
so please make sure you tell me a bit about yourself,
how you heard about WolfSinger Publications
what genres you are willing to read


Sorry I've been out of touch for a while.
This summer has been a bad one with my mother-in-law's death at the end of June. My uncle's death in October and a couple of
bouts of depression in between.

Things seem to be getting back on track and I will be diving back into the slush pile and working through it as quickly as possible.

Working on getting Arcane Whispers finished up next week along with Mystic Signals 4.

Working on reviewing the subs for All About Eve should hopefully have the first round completed by the end of next week.

Again apologies for going dark - I'm back and working on getting caught up as quickly as possible.

We are currently closed to all submissions as I work to get caught up.


Apologies to all of our readers and authors - I had a bad year last year and only released two of the scheduled books and am even
more behind on reviewing submissions. Because of this WolfSinger is currently closed to submissions while I get caught up.

At this time, we do have one new anthology that we will be reading for.

Unfortunately, I did not receive enough submissions for the Tails from the Front Line anthology so that project is currently on

Unfortunately, Spirit of the Phoenix did not receive enough submissions and was closed.


So far 2014 has been moving along fairly well. Still have a few more books to get edited and releaded before the end of the year
-- most of those I want to have released by October.

As noted above we will be opening to submissions on Oct 1st and closing on Dec 31st. As I already have a full schedule for 2015
- I will be reading for 2016-2017.
Check out the guidelines page for more information.
Join Email List
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I've added a new category to the Books and Authors page - Reading for a Cause. This category will list those books where
proceeds are being donated to a specific charity.
Please consider picking up a copy and helping out.
Don't Write What You Know;
Write What You Care About -- Passionately!


Running a bit behind - what else is new - hope to get caught up on the submissions by the end of July.

Only 1 book left from 2015 to be released, so not too bad with as many as I handled this year.

The first readers are doing an amazing job of reading through the slush pile and I will be contacting authors who submitted during
the open submission period shortly.

Because of the number of projects I have in the works for release - please note that the scheduled releases listed on the books
page are for 2016/2017. There are still 6 anthologies that will be read for during the upcoming year and some of those may be
pushed to 2017 just so I don't go too crazy trying to get them all out this year. There may be a few other projects in the works as

When we open to submissions in Oct - it will be for the 2018 schedule.

Been a while since the last time I posted an announcement or update so a few things to catch up on

In 2015 WolfSinger published 16 books
In 2016 WolfSinger published 17 books

Since WolfSinger is a one woman operation, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I was going through some burnout in 2017 -
although I still managed to publish 6 books.

This year I am determined to get caught up on the submissions, as well as start publishing The Lorelei Signal again.

There are already 8 books on tap for this year - so another busy year ahead.

I'm working on updating the website and have several promo pages to add for books released last year. I'm also looking at adding
buy buttons so folks can purchase directly from WolfSinger Publications. That will be a slow process - please be patient.

Regarding the anthologies that I pasted calls for but wasn't able to move forward:

Lightships and Sabers II - we didn't have enough submissions - so this one will reopen
Time Capsules - again not enough submissions - so will reopen
Matter of Perspective - I need to look over the submissions again - but there were only a couple that came close to the concept
I was looking for - so may be cancelled (I undecided)
Careful What you Wish For - same as Matter of Perspective

I hope to have decisions on both Matter of Perspective and Care What You Wish For made by the end of January.

If you submitted to any of the above and wish to be pulled - please let me know.