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Not long ago, Harry had moved back to the town where his ex-wife and kids reside and was trying to rebuild his life. The "work hard and play hard" attitude that carries
Harry through life is balanced by the softness evidenced in his dealings with his children. Once again, he was going to have to be away from them and the new life he had
been trying so hard to establish.

Going undercover at MechInsCo, Harry gets exposure to executives within the company including his lifer accounting boss, the psycho senior finance executive and a
frantic company president. They all paint the same picture-a company losing money with no idea how, or why. His stint at MechInsCo supplies Harry with some raucous
times: large amounts of information, booze and ladies provide him with much more than he signed on for.

da sticks, as seen through the eyes of Harry Mickey Shorts, ex-ballplayer turned street-smart private investigator, gives the reader a feel for what goes on in the corporate
world of insurance plus a glimpse of life in the minor leagues, on and off the field. Elements of humor and tragedy, suspense and surprise twist and turn throughout.
Together they keep the pace fast and provide Harry with a trip you will be glad you didn't miss.
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A book mixing baseball, mystery and insurance wouldn’t exactly be my first choice in reading material, but when Rich Kisielewski’s novel, “da sticks,” showed up in my
inbox, it intrigued me enough to give it a read.

Kisielewski manages to give us an entertaining read. I enjoyed the style of narration – it’s a little like those old private eye movies where you have the disembodied voice of
the detective narrating in between the action. In fact, it had all the basic elements of a good, old-fashioned detective novel - complete with a womanizing, somewhat piggish,
yet absolutely charming protagonist.

If you read this book and like it, you’ll be happy to know, according to his website, Kisielewski plans on continuing his Harry Mickey Shorts detective series.
Don't Write What You Know;
Write What You Care About -- Passionately!
da sticks
A Harry Mickey Shorts Mystery
                                                  - Rich Kisielewski
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